My name is Waverly Tracey. I’m fairly new to veganism, having just made the transition this year. In July 2015 I became a vegetarian almost out of the blue. My boyfriend and I had had a conversation weeks before about how it probably isn’t right to eat animals, but we left it at that. I thought of that conversation often and tried to justify my decision  to eat animals and I found I didn’t have a reason or a right. One day we again had a similar conversation, and this time we both decided to try going vegetarian. No serious commitments, just to see how it goes. Within a couple of days we both had no intention of going back. After a couple of months I was happy with my lifestyle until I learned that many products and foods that I thought I didn’t have to worry about actually contain animal products. This ranges from cheese to sauces, beauty products, and even household items (you can find a detailed list of what to look out for in my tips and tricks section). I was so put off by this, as well as the cruelty behind dairy and exploitative products  that I decided to try veganism. No strings attached, just like vegetarianism, at first. Again, within a couple of days I was hooked and now I absolutely love being vegan. I love feeling confident and convicted in my decisions, and not to mention the food is amazing. I genuinely love the food I make from my own recipes and those other amazing bloggers have shared. So I hope you enjoy this site as well as veganism. If you give it a shot you, you’ll love this lifestyle.